About Us

our story

Who we are

At Ethos Automation we are manufacturing professionals that came from the Tier1 automotive industry. We are engineers, programmers, designers, technical experts that want to make automation more accessible, easier to install and maintain. Because of our strong design background and extensive time spent on the shop floor, our customers benefit from decades of first-hand experience building affordable turnkey factory automation systems and custom machines.

Our Mission

facilitating automation

At Ethos Automation we aspire to provide our customers with solutions to their most difficult manufacturing or engineering problems. We will work to bring automation into every manufacturing sector and be active participants moving industry into the 21st century.

Our Vision

what we aim for

At Ethos it is our goal to become a recognized name in the automation sector with values of integrity, dependability and safety at our core.

Our values

What we care about

  • Our workplace welcomes, includes and celebrates people from all  backgrounds and  origins. Diversity and inclusion are more than just words at Ethos, but built into our daily business practices and our openness to all ways and walks of life is just who we are.

  • Ethics are at the core of the way we operate; as a matter of fact that’s why we chose the name Ethos. We strive to always do business in a way that makes us proud and makes our employees feel great about where they work

  • We believe that hard work reaps rewards and results and that our people are the driving force behind our quality and dependability.

  • We value our customers and prove it in the way we work alongside them to ensure that what we deliver is what they expect.

  • We know that people are the key to new ideas and approaches to problems. Our innovative spirit is rooted in our employees and we work to make sure they know they are valued.