Automation Design

About Automation Design

Automation Design for Factory Automation

At Ethos Automation we start with our applications engineering group to conceptualize an automation system which will meet rate and budget, is robust and will last for hundreds of thousands or millions of cycles. We know the importance of automation that is easy to maintain and will meet or surpass your investment goals. Coming from the Tier1 automotive industry we recognize that good automation starts with good engineering that matches or exceeds your specification document and requirements.

Once the automation layout has been approved, we use industry standard components, conveyors, robots, and controls devices to create a budgetary design for feedback and comment before proceeding to a final quotation document.

Our Beliefs

Our Automation Design Beliefs:

  • Integrate mistake proofing into all areas of the automation.
  • Automate redundant tasks.
  • Be lean where lean automation make sense.
  • Build tooling that is intuitive and will grow with the project.
  • Integrate good maintenance practices into design.
  • Use software to validate design
  • Employ KISS principles.

Our Tooling

Ethos Tooling

Our customers really appreciate Ethos’ approach to our tooling design. Why? Because of our experience in the automotive industry. Every Ethos system is designed with solid, robust, simple yet flexible designs which remain the hallmark of tooling delivered by Ethos Automation.

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