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Post Automation Services

Post Automation Services

Automation Commissioning and Support for Factory Automation

One of the most underrated parts of the process of building automation systems comes at the end: the commissioning of the automation systems and integration of the robotics. When we started Ethos Automation we wanted to be different, easier to deal with, easier to buy from; a better overall purchasing experience for our manufacturing customers. That includes our post automation services such as warranty service, spare parts, wear parts and other services such as preventive maintenance (PM). We are very used to purchasing and dealing with service professionals, as we came from the manufacturing industry. We know how to work with robot repair people, programmers, purchasing professionals and expediting required services, in a few days or in a few hours. We know the importance of responding quickly, fairly and getting your machines up and running at an acceptable OEE in as short a time as possible.

Our Post Automation Services

Some of our post automation services:

We can train your operators at our facility or at your manufacturing facility. We can also retrain your staff as required.
We work with our original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partners, distributors and supply chain to treat you fairly on any warranty claims for 3rd party manufactured defects.
With permission from your IT department, we can easily dial into your machine and your robot to quickly determine machine status, error messages and other system faults, reducing travel and downtime expense.
With every automation system that we create, we recommend appropriate wear parts, spare parts and custom parts that you may need. We also understand that you cannot keep all spare parts on your shelves, so we work with your team to determine high risk parts.
Where possible, we will check our inventories, our distributors and respond quickly to secure emergency parts to get your machinery back up and running.
Periodic preventive maintenance is critically important in manufacturing as the cost of unplanned downtime is one of the leading controllable costs for companies that have committed to automation and robotics. We can recommend PM work as you need it or if your company has a scheduled plant shut-down, we are happy to procure a quote for the work.

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