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Automated Robot Weld Planning | Weld Development Recipes

At Ethos Automation we recognize that automated welding is sometimes complex for Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive and heavy industry suppliers. Manufacturers are dealing with supply chain challenges, have compressed delivery timelines, limited pre-production parts available, pressures on quality and sometimes aggressive PPAP dates. To make things more complex they may not have specific budgets or time to do complex testing of different weld recipes.

That is why we often work with our clients on perfecting their processes for automated robot weld recipes. Understanding your process is critical to get a good weld and even more important when you want to use automation and robots in welding.

Our Process

Here is how we can help:

  • Work with 3rd party weld suppliers to make best equipment recommendations.
  • Specify material handling solution and clamp strategy.
  • Recommend robot brand, size and robot configuration.
  • Spec out weld controllers and weld tips.
  • Recommend robot dress pack configuration for cable management.
  • Determine optimum weld travel speed, angle and consumables.
  • Power supply specifications.
  • Develop communication protocols.
  • Recommend ongoing maintenance procedures.
  • Onsite joint fit up.

As machinery manufacturers and robot integrators with a deep understanding of automated welding, we are well positioned to offer our expertise and approaches to our customers. These approaches are based on our experience integrating hundreds of automated welding systems and working in highly automated factories that build millions of cars every year.

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