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Retrofit Automation

About Retrofit Automation

Buy New or Retrofit?

There are many advantages to rebuilding and modernizing an existing piece of automation that you already own but has lived out its useful life. Consider:
  • You own the asset and know its intricacies.
  • Tax and cash-flow advantages.
  • The chassis still has a useful life.
  • Owned assets such as conveyors and robots can be redeployed.
  • Plant disruption and downtime can be reduced.

Our Process

How it Works

Decreased overall equipment effectiveness often happens with machines or systems. If you are facing the challenge of machines in your factory that are no longer efficient, Ethos Automation offers a machine retrofit service for those customers that require retrofit automation.

Our technicians will travel to your facility, review the current process, consult your operators, and inspect the machinery. We can provide the best solution to your problem based on common-sense automation, material flow, and worker safety. The solution may be and often is multidisciplinary and may include tooling, PLC programming, addition of material handling, additional sensors or a combination.

In the case of retrofit automation, we prepare a detailed quotation document with work to be done, BOM, timelines and expected outcomes including our commissioning.

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If you have a machine that isn’t working up to par, or maybe you have an automated system that simply needs a retrofit, contact us for more information.