Automation Systems

About Automation Systems

Welcome to Ethos Automation

We create factory automation systems for our clients across North America. Ethos is vertically integrated. We have in-house fabrication capabilities, from design, panel building, mechanical build, to robot, PLC programming and 3D scanning for the machines that we design, build and install.

Field Experience

We have a vast experience

At Ethos Automation we have a vast experience in designing, building and commissioning automation for our clients including:

  • Automated robot welding
  • systems Mig, Tig, Spot and Projection 
  • Material handling automation
  • Robot material handling
  • Precision gluing automation systems
  • Automated Sanding Machines
  • Machine vision inspection automation
  • Retrofit automation for Tier1 manufacturing
  • Robot plasma cutting automation
  • Automated CNC machine load/unload
  • Robot Weld Inspection 
  • General Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Automated Film Peeling systems 
  • Automated Cut ’n’ Etch
  • Lean automation systems
  • Automated test fixtures and stands
  • Service, training and support

What makes Ethos Automation different?

We come from the automotive Tier1 industry, where equipment must be designed to precise specifications and needs to achieve a high level of performance.

We understand that not all jobs are big and complex. We quote and build automation that fits the automation you need.

Ethos believes that we can operate ethically, provide automation, robots and complex machines at a fair price and work to make the robot integration industry better, one piece of automation at a time.

We know that the key to building better machines is to listen to our clients, to design for longevity and to always think about the operator and the maintenance professional. When we build better machines, plants operate with increased efficiency and ROI.

We know that robots are a great investment for manufacturers. They are fast, repeatable, and easier to use than ever. Many of our machines feature a robot solution. Robots also are reusable, have a high residual value, and they can enjoy a second life.

The team at Ethos Automation is dedicated and focused on being better, striving harder and creating the best automation experience. We work with our customers to balance innovation and practical solutions that are ready for Industry 4.0