Ethos Founders Score Top 10 Under 40

July 19, 2022

PRESS RELEASE | Peter Botros and Calvin Kimura both Achieved a Spot in Top 10 under 40 from Annex Media Manufacturing Automation Magazine

Brantford, Ontario

“We are very excited to announce that both Ethos Automation co-founders have been awarded this prestigious honour says Jim Beretta, marketing communications for Ethos Automation”.

From Manufacturing Automation magazine:

Peter Botros, Co-Founder

Peter Botros is the Co-Founder and in charge of Engineering Operation at Ethos Automation. Ethos Automation was created as a company with an ethical approach to building complex automation systems for its customers. Before establishing his nearly four-year-old company, Peter gained experience in the manufacturing industry working in different capacities over the course of his career. He was a mechanical designer in the oil and gas field, Manufacturing Engineering at a tier 1 automotive supplier, Manufacturing Specialist at an Engineering consulting firm. Peter is also a part-time instructor in Engineering, at Sheridan College, where he gives back to the community by sharing his real-world experience in industrial automation and robot-based applications with his students.

“Growing this business from a small start-up to what it is now means that I’ve been involved in every aspect of our projects. This has given me unique experiences and a skillset that allows me to continue to be active in all areas of our operations. One of my biggest motivators is my ability to visualize a fully automated system before pen is on paper. This visualization does not only allow me to bid on projects a lot more accurately, but allows me to take on challenges that do not have a clear solution”, shared Peter.

Calvin Kimura, Co-Founder

Calvin Kimura’s passion for automation and robotics brought him into this industry. He completed an Electromechanical Engineering Technology program at Humber College learning all about automation and robotics. Calvin began his career as an automation technician with a leading Tier1 automotive supplier. Here he grew and honed his automation skills and knowledge with real-world experience. After leaving this role, he took his knowledge to the systems integration industry working on large projects. Always looking to innovate, his next move was starting his own machine-building company where he spent time taking it forward. Eventually he helped co-found Ethos Automation. Calvin’s extensive automation experience perfectly complements his colleague and co-founder’s engineering background.

“Calvin had the courage to start an automation company at a complex time and with hardy competition. He wanted to start a company that builds automation that he could be proud to service and support”, said Beretta.

“In both my business and my personal life, I am constantly noticing inefficiencies, and contemplating how I can improve them. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with comprehensive automation solutions, that exceed our customers’ expectations. Working in a mostly project-based capacity, I get to experience the satisfaction of seeing our projects come to life from a screen to moving parts on the factory floor. This is a great motivator for me personally, as I enjoy the thrill of innovative solutions for modern problems”.

Other winners include

Simon Drexler, ATS Automation
Adam Keller, Konnexio Automation
Tim Weber, Systematix Automation
Ryan Terpstra, Systematix Automation
Stefan Glilbetic, Mycionics
Rick Black, Black Controls
Maxime Blouin, Raven.Ai,
Simmie Thiara, Acetronic

For more information:

Company contact: Peter Botros |

Sales contact: Walter Kriems | | 613-532-8884

Press contact: Jim Beretta | Customer Attraction

About Ethos Automation:

Ethos Automation is an automation systems builder and robot integrator based in Brantford, Ontario. The company has been building custom machines, robotic welding automation and material handling systems since 2018. Ethos automation serves automotive, consumer, and industrial markets across North America.


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